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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Dynacare?

  • Dynacare is a clinical laboratory that performs tests only at the request of a licensed physician or other person authorized by law to order laboratory testing and receive testing results.

Q: Why have I received a bill from Dynacare?

  • Dynacare has received information from either your ordering physician or your insurance company indicating patient responsibility for testing services. For further information on the specific nature of the bill, please contact our patient customer service department at the telephone number listed on the bill.

Q: Does Dynacare file primary insurance?

  • If you have Medicare or Medicaid, please contact us at the location near you, and we will file a claim to the appropriate Medicare or Medicaid agency. If you have other insurance coverage, please call Seattle, WA 866-716-1586 or Milwaukee, WI 888-611-3904. If Dynacare has a direct billing arrangement with your insurance company, we will file the claim to your insurance company. If Dynacare does not have a direct billing arrangement with your insurance company, we will ask you to remit prompt payment directly to Dynacare. We will be glad to send you a health insurance claim form so you may file a claim for reimbursement directly with the insurance company. To ensure that your claim is filed correctly, please have your Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance card available when you call Dynacare.

Q: How do I file a claim using secondary insurance for the remainder
     of my lab bill?

  • If you have more than one insurance policy, you must submit to the secondary insurance company directly with a copy of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your primary insurance company. Mail the bill you received, along with the EOB, to your secondary insurance company’s claim processing address. Dynacare does not automatically file for coordination of benefits with your secondary insurance carrier.

Q: How often will Dynacare bill me?

  • Dynacare will send you a bill approximately once per month. Payment from you is expected promptly upon receipt of the bill.

Q: How can I get I the telephone number of the patient
     customer service department?

  • A toll free number for Customer Service should be printed on your bill. If you do not have a bill, or cannot locate the number on your bill, please contact the Dynacare location near you and a Customer Service Specialist will assist you or transfer you to the correct location.
    Seattle, WA 866-716-1586 or Milwaukee, WI 888-611-3904

Q: How does billing work if I have insurance that Dynacare
     doesn't have a contract with?

  • Dynacare will send you a bill and you will be expected to pay the bill in full. Dynacare will provide a claim form for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Q: What methods of payment does Dynacare accept?

  • Dynacare readily accepts payment for laboratory service bills using any of the following methods: Visa, MasterCard, personal check, or money order.
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